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About Free TON

Free TON is a next-gen blockchain that belongs to no one and to everyone at the same time.


How does it work

The project has no central control. All decisions are made in a decentralized way by the whole community.



The project is technological, therefore, very worthy rewards are offered for developers (and not only for them)

About the Contest

We propose to take part in the contest

With many new smart contract developers joining the Free TON community, the need to implement syntax highlighting for popular source code editors and IDEs is here. Given that Free TON has its own flavor of Solidity, the use of syntax highlighting tools written for Ethereum flavor is impractical - the differences are too big.

We need our own plugins for the task of syntax highlighting. The object of this contest is to get many new plugins fulfilling this goal.





Prize places


Small technical commitments

Requirements for works

To participate in the contest, you must comply with the specified requirements

A fully working extension is required.

Any MVPs will be rejected

Support for 6 months is a requirement of entry

The reward for the first three places will be divided into 6 parts, each of which will be sent once a month.

Syntax highlighting

○ keywords
○ variables
○ literals
○ comments
○ other things from the language specification and Free TON additions.

Code completion

○ keywords
○ variable names
○ classes names
○ method names
○ interfaces

Intellisense like behavior (pop-up hints showing you parameters needed as you code)

○ commands
○ contracts
○ methods
○ interfaces

Error highlighting:

Squiggly underlining of invalid commands
(e.g., commands that do not match what the spec says - like misspelled or unrecognized, missing parameters, too few or not enough parameters)
(either the command itself should be underlined, or the parameters should be underlined - depending on the situation).

Change suggestions:

Ideally, the underline will display one of these messages with an explanation when hovered, according to the situation: "Unknown Command" or "Missing parameter(s)" or "Incorrect parameter(s)"

Need to allow for co-existence with the current Ethereum solidity syntax highlighters.

Possible solutions: a different file extension, a smart header parser, or suggest your own.

The color scheme needs to be redefinable

Bonus: user-provided exceptions list for colors used.


Notes on vesting: the condition of successful vesting is the fixing of bugs within 1 month of reporting, and adherence to the latest version of the Free TON Solidity compiler for the period of vesting.

  • 1 place: 50'000 TONs = 20'000 + 5'000 every month during 6 months (vesting);
  • 2 place: 39'000 TONs = 15'000 + 4'000 vesting for 6 months;
  • 3 place: 28'000 TONs = 10'000 + 3'000 vesting for 6 months;
  • 4 place: 10'000 TONs
  • 5 place: 9'000 TONs
  • 6 place: 8'000 TONs
  • 7 place: 7'000 TONs
  • 8 place: 6'000 TONs
  • 9 place: 5'000 TONs
  • 10 place: 4'000 TONs